Monday, April 17, 2017

Traveling up the East Coast

In eleven days we will arrive "home" at Tuxbury Pond RV Resort in South Hampton, NH.

After leaving Georgia, we went to South Carolina. We continued to loosely follow the 2,2,2 rule: 200 miles a day, arrive by 2, stay 2 days. We could only get a one-day stay at the campground in Myrtle Beach, SC. Because we arrived by 2:00, we had plenty of time to meet Renee Zarate, an artist friend of Kay's. 

Kay and Renee Zarate

We continued our journey North into North Carolina with one of our stops being Camp Hatteras RV Resort in the Outer Banks. What a lovely area. If I plan a little further ahead, maybe I could get more than a two-day stay. It was a terrific campground and I would have loved to have had more time to explore the area.

Cape Hatteras Light

Interesting history of the ever-changing shoreline.

Checking my photos while waiting for our food at the Froggy Dog.

Continuing northward, we entered Virginia and stayed at a campground in Virginia Beach. While we were in Virginia, we met another artist friend of Kay's, Carol Porter in Newport News. This trip has allowed both Kay and me connect with friends that we have only met online.

Kay and Carol Porter

Today, we are in a lovely RV Resort in Delaware. Tomorrow, we are headed to Gettysburg for a week, followed by a rapid dash home.

Now the maps:

Our trip to date

A door inside our trailer showing the states where we have camped.

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Von said...

Oh how fun to see your maps too!! I have enjoyed your stories and photos, but seeing the maps somehow makes the travel adventures so much more special! I know you're almost home and how exciting it will be for your to be back with family and other friends again, but I will miss these blog updates. :)

Carol Ranshaw said...

No wonder it's getting warmer here; we can feel you getting closer! Your shot of the Cape Hatteras Light is wonderful!

Kay and Russ Wallace said...

Just because we are back in New England does not mean the blog will stop for 5 or 6 months. I will continue to do updates.

Kay and Russ Wallace said...

We are dragging the warm weather with us. :)

Carol Porter said...

It was fabulous to meet you both. Looking forward to the next time.