Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Journey Starts Now

Kay and I have bought a new travel trailer and now need to buy a truck to pull it.  Kay has been retired for several years. I have finally decided that it is time for me to retire, too. Well, not tomorrow, but October 1, 2016 is our target date. 

Next step, verify my veteran's benefits and figure out what I get for a pension from my current employer. Well, that is not my only next step.  I have to follow up with the VA, who do not buy into the fact that I spent a year in Vietnam, despite the documentation I provided them. I might have to grovel at the feet of a Democratic Senator for whom I did not vote in the last election.

We sold our home in Massachusetts on August 28th and are living in our travel trailer until October 13th. We have lined up a place to live on the beach in Rye, NH until mid-May 2016.  We will have room for overnight guests. Book your weekend stay with Kay!  October could still have very nice weather, judging by how warm it has been in early September.

Life is good.

Russ and Kay