Sunday, July 1, 2018

Welcome Home

I had originally thought that I would do another blog about Mexico. That will wait for my return. I took videos when I thought I was taking pictures and I have nothing useful to use.

All I can say about our trip is that it was amazing. On our return trip we stopped in Yuma Lakes RV Resort for a week.  We stopped in Yuma to say goodbye to our friends Linda and John Wilde who live in Yuma. As an added bonus several friends from El Golfo were also at Yuma Lakes. We got together for a Happy Hour on the patio by the pool.

We left Yuma Lakes and went to Queens Creek, Arizona to see my brother Roy and Carol Sue. It was 100 degrees, time to head home. As we headed home we saw that it was still snowing in Boston. Not only that, we ran into snow in Tennessee.

Did I mention there was an horrific dust storm in Arizona and New Mexico as we headed East? 

The winds were in excess of 60 miles an hour. The trailer pulled fine, but it didn't fare well. The cosmetic panel was torn off by the cross winds. The panel on the other side was damaged as well.

But that wasn't the only thing that happened on this trip. The converter stopped working. The converter charges the batteries and turns 120 volt AC to 12 volt DC. Fortunately we have solar and that has not created a problem. Oh, and the steps have started to fail.  Lots to fix before we start our journey again. I replaced the converter, because the trees in our campground shade us from the sun. The rest needs to be fixed before we hit the road.

Looking at hitting the road right after Labor Day. The plan is to do some sightseeing on this next trip west.