Sunday, February 19, 2017


There is a reason our blog is called Destination Unknown because our plans stay flexible. Last week, I scheduled the next month of our trip taking us into New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. Today, I threw it in the basket and scheduled us to be back in Yuma for two weeks.

Before I get to that, let me bring you up to date. On the day before we left Emerald Cove, Micheal and Dee White, a couple on RVillage, arrived and sent us a message through that site. We only had that day to meet so we got together on our site for an hour just before supper. The great thing was, a week later, they were going to Northshore RV Resort in Needles, California, where we also would be. It's amazing how many new friends we have met on our journey and it has been like we have known them all our lives. At Northshore, we  have had morning coffee together and Jake and their dog Timmy, love running together in the dog park. Often we have had evening happy hour together just before supper. They also write a blog, Did I mention that they emigrated from South Africa and are now Canadian citizens? Oh the stories the four of us have. 😊😊😊

Dee and Mike White

Timmy, Jake's new BFF

Now to the reason we changed our travel plans. On Saturday, we went to Mohave Valley, Arizona, to locate the Methodist church we wanted to attend on Sunday. There was a Safeway grocery store nearby, so we bought some groceries and then started for "home." Home is where the trailer is parked! Because of what happened on our way home, our travel plans changed. We were headed South on HWY US 95 and the car in front of me started slowing down because the car in front of him was turning right. I slowed down, too, but the 16-year-old girl behind me was not attentive to what was happening and she did not slow down. When she realized she could not stop in time, she tried to pass me. Too late, she did not make it. Here are the pictures.

$5,000.00 damage

Who knows how much this will cost

Now, we are headed to Yuma for two weeks while we have the truck repaired.  All I can say is that we will be back in South Hampton, NH, by May 1.  Which way we go is now totally up in the air. DESTINATION UNKNOWN.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Emerald Cove

We can only stay for two weeks at a time at any of the Colorado River Adventures RV Resorts. Normally, we would have to stay out a week before going back into a CRA resort or pay for the week. Because we are new members, we can move to any of their resorts without paying for a week or staying out a week. For our next stay, we chose Emerald Cove in Earp, California. We got a site right on the Colorado River and the weather just keeps getting better and better. Spring has arrived in the desert Southwest!

Our first visitor to our new site in Emerald Cove RV Resort

The view from Kay's studio window. 

The view from the lower bunk. Jake's view to the world. 

Our first sunset at Emerald Cove RV Resort. 

 Our first sunset at Emerald Cove RV Resort. 

 Our first sunset at Emerald Cove RV Resort. 

So relaxing by the Colorado River.

 Love the view here.

 Time for a hike through the BLM land across the street from the campground.

 Rugged hillside ridge.

 The hills are turning green. Spring has arrived in the desert Southwest.

 Rugged terrain.

 Deseret plants turning green.

 Deseret plants turning green. 

 Rugged hilltop path.

 Can you see the burros? Jake alerted on them while were on the path at the top of the hill across the valley.
 These two wild burros were grazing just below us as we were walking along the hilltop trail.

 It was up there on the ridge, so I had to take a picture of it.

 It was a nice hike.

 There were several of these on top of the ridge, A round circle of stones with no apparent purpose.

 Some patriotic soul put the flag on top of the ridge. They even put two solar spotlights to light the flag at night.

Our last sunrise at Emerald Cove RV Resort in Earp, California.

We saw wild burros almost every day when we left the campground.

 Our new administration at work.

 Sometimes they blocked the road.

They are so cute. 

 Really cute.

 Sometimes they come right up to the truck.

 Sometimes they come right up to the truck.

You know you are in the boonies when the mail is delivered to the Post Office by donkeys.
Yes, we went to the Post Office in Earp and this burro was just hanging around.
Hoping to get a job, I suppose.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Southern Arizona is much warmer than Northern Arizona, partly by distance and mostly because of altitude. Kay is much happier now.

While we were at Mittry Lake, a couple from RVillage contacted us and we got together for lunch. I love the RVillage website because it helps connect people. We had lunch on Main Street in historic downtown Yuma. While we were there, they asked if we had ever been to Mexico. Of course, we had not. Two days later, we were having lunch in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Linda and John Wilde
at Lutes Casino

Originally we had planned to leave Mittry Lake right after Kay's birthday, but we had someone give us a coupon for three nights free at Yuma Lakes RV Resort. We accepted the conditions and we are now benefiting from our new membership in Colorado River Adventures. Colorado River Adventures (CRA) has 10 parks in Arizona, California and Mexico.

After buying a membership, we stayed two more weeks at Yuma Lakes. One of the amenities is inexpensive breakfasts and dinners. One evening, quite by chance, a couple sat down with us and we started chatting. Cindy and Bob are retired school teachers from Nevada. We found out that they liked to play cards and made a date to play cards at the clubhouse the next evening as our trailers are not set up well to play cards. We took our beers, wine and cards and had a grand time. While chatting, we found out that they had never been to Mexico, so we set a date and time for a tour of Los Algodones.

Cindy and Bob Rooley
in Los Algodones

That was not to be our only trip into Mexico. While chatting, we mentioned that we had thought about going to the CRA resort in El Golfo, Mexico. We thought it would be better to take the trip with at least one other couple.  The next morning, the four of us went to El Golfo RV Resort in our truck. We left Jake in the trailer because we had neither the necessary health certificate nor the room for him. We had lunch in the town of El Golfo de Santa Clara at a local restaurant and it was terrific. We enjoyed our trip and decided that we would make plans to travel together with our trailers next year when we both return to the Southwest for the winter.

Yuma was an interesting town to explore. Out favorite restaurant is Julieanna's Patio Cafe. The food was great, but the atmosphere was unbelievable. I will let you be the judge. Here are the pictures.

Almost caught up. We have left Yuma and are in Earp, California. But that's a post for another day.

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