Sunday, January 10, 2016

Why We Bought Our Trailer

Inspired by Mark from Missouri, I decided to explain what went into the process of buying our trailer.

1. Research on line:  We found the perfect trailer, a Dutchman 315BHSS.  We went to our local dealer and they no longer carried the Dutchman line.

2. We visited several RV dealers in the area in August and September.  Just looking. We were not planning to buy until Spring. We found a Rockwood 8311WS with a great price and even better trade in on our worn out trailer.

Bottom line, it had to meet our needs.

1. Outside kitchen:  It had to have a pull-out cook stove and sink.  Counter and cabinets would be a plus.  A portable grill in addition to cook stove would be even better.  
The Rockwood did not have a counter and cabinets, so it was not the perfect choice. The refrigerator was tiny and electric only. It did have a portable grill with a bracket for portable shelf and grill.  Both the grill and stove are tied into the trailer propane tanks. No need to carry loose propane tanks.  I removed the outside refrigerator because I plan on being off the grid more than hooked up to power. I will re-purpose that space to carry my pots and pans.

2. It had to have a gas/electric refrigerator.
It does.

3. Bunkhouse: It had to have a room with a table for Kay's art studio.
It did not have a built in table in the bunkhouse, so I had the dealer remove the couch.  I will build what we want in that space this summer before we hit the road.

It also has many other great features that I did not have in my 10 year old travel trailer and were not included in my must haves.

1. The entertainment center is Bluetooth.
2. USB charging station on the nightstand in the bedroom.
3. LED lighting under the awning.
4. Power awnings that automatically dump the water if they load up with water.
5. Outside entrance for bathroom.
6. TV bracket under awning with cable and power outlets. Just take TV from inside and mount outside.
7. Outside marine-grade speakers tied into entertainment center.
8. Slide-out wardrobe, providing more closet space
9. Power jack for hitch
10. Aluminum frame and totally-enclosed undercarriage
11. Outlet to connect solar panels for charging the battery.

Our choice in trailer was based on the criteria listed above, price, and availability.  The trailer is not perfect, but we will reconfigure the space to meet our needs.

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Russ and Kay

Friday, January 1, 2016

Our New Trailer and Truck

One phone call from the RV dealership and the best laid plans of mice and men were shattered. It was our plan to swap out our old trailer and have the new trailer delivered in May of 2016. The day before we completed the paperwork for the purchase of the trailer, our salesman called and told us that he did not know what he was thinking when he agreed to swap out the trailers in May. He said that the dealership would own our old trailer the next day and that they wanted it now, not in the Spring when it would be a model year older. We saw his point. Because we still wanted the new trailer at the agreed-upon price, we had the trailer delivered on October 2nd.

It sure is a beauty. Over the summer, we will be planning on where to go first, or at least a general direction. I am leaning toward New York and the Finger Lakes so that we can stock up on wines before we turn South for the winter. I think Kay still does not believe I am retiring since, for the last six years, I have been saying that I would retire in two years!  Kay is waiting until the date gets closer to believe it is really happening.

I was also planning to wait until Spring to buy our new truck, but we started looking at the end of October and began to be lured into the 2015 year-end pricing. We got a great deal on a GMC 2500HD Sierra Denali with a crew cab.  This way we have two vehicles and Kay is not trapped in our winter rental while I am at work.  When we get ready to hit the road, we will pass along the Chevy to Bryan, Kay's son.

I am spending any free time reading and joining RV blogs.  I am really interested in boon-docking and tips and tricks others have learned along the way. Next, I need to decide what RV clubs to join and then start planning our route.

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Russ and Kay