Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Carlsbad Caverns

We left Arizona and headed into New Mexico, as we head East on our return trip. We spent our time boondocking in the desert. The campsite, on BLM land, had a covered picnic table and a trash barrel. It was totally free. We just had to share the site with the open range longhorn cows and their calves. I was hoping to be able to stay at Avalon Reservoir, and it would have been a great place to stay, if I had a 4-wheel-drive truck camper. The road in was horrible. That is why I try to scout out the area before I pull the trailer in. Here are the pictures from our campsite.

We took a day to settle in and then went to Carlsbad Caverns. Here are some pictures from the largest known cavern in North America.

I think I over did the pictures of the caverns and they do not begin to show the beauty and the expanse of the place. My phone battery went dead from taking too many pictures in the two hours it took us to walk through the cavern. 

We have left New Mexico and we are now in Texas. Our first stop was Medina Lake RV Park, a Thousand Trails campground.  We loved it there. The sites had cedars growing between the sites with nothing behind us but cedars. Peaceful and quiet.  We loved this campground. 

Dense woods behind campsites.

While I was hooking up the trailer, Kay took this picture through the windshield.

There were 20 to 30 deer in this group. What a wonderful place to camp. 

From there, we went to The Preserve of Texas, a Coast to Coast park in Cleveland, Texas. This RV Park is one of the best-maintained parks that I have ever seen in my 40 years of camping. The primary focus is to sell you a lot for a trailer, park model or a real home. Another great place to camp in Texas. 

The Preserve of Texas, site CB-17. 

Yes, they have alligators in Texas. 

The truck sure is dirty. I took it to a car wash the next day and had the tires rotated as well as an oil change at the GMC dealership. 

Jake has that quizzical look. I think he wants to know what that stuff is hanging from the branches of the trees.

I went to the Post Office in Cleveland, Texas, and saw this incredible flowering bush.  

 At the Post Office in Cleveland, Texas.

 At the Post Office in Cleveland, Texas. The horizon is level; the flagpole is not plumb.

 Jake is alert and on 'gator patrol.

Jake getting bored of  'gator patrol.

Thanks for stopping by. Next, we head to Louisiana and then across the rest of the Gulf states and into Florida.