Sunday, February 19, 2017


There is a reason our blog is called Destination Unknown because our plans stay flexible. Last week, I scheduled the next month of our trip taking us into New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. Today, I threw it in the basket and scheduled us to be back in Yuma for two weeks.

Before I get to that, let me bring you up to date. On the day before we left Emerald Cove, Micheal and Dee White, a couple on RVillage, arrived and sent us a message through that site. We only had that day to meet so we got together on our site for an hour just before supper. The great thing was, a week later, they were going to Northshore RV Resort in Needles, California, where we also would be. It's amazing how many new friends we have met on our journey and it has been like we have known them all our lives. At Northshore, we  have had morning coffee together and Jake and their dog Timmy, love running together in the dog park. Often we have had evening happy hour together just before supper. They also write a blog, Did I mention that they emigrated from South Africa and are now Canadian citizens? Oh the stories the four of us have. 😊😊😊

Dee and Mike White

Timmy, Jake's new BFF

Now to the reason we changed our travel plans. On Saturday, we went to Mohave Valley, Arizona, to locate the Methodist church we wanted to attend on Sunday. There was a Safeway grocery store nearby, so we bought some groceries and then started for "home." Home is where the trailer is parked! Because of what happened on our way home, our travel plans changed. We were headed South on HWY US 95 and the car in front of me started slowing down because the car in front of him was turning right. I slowed down, too, but the 16-year-old girl behind me was not attentive to what was happening and she did not slow down. When she realized she could not stop in time, she tried to pass me. Too late, she did not make it. Here are the pictures.

$5,000.00 damage

Who knows how much this will cost

Now, we are headed to Yuma for two weeks while we have the truck repaired.  All I can say is that we will be back in South Hampton, NH, by May 1.  Which way we go is now totally up in the air. DESTINATION UNKNOWN.


k wallace said...

Thanks, Russ. Nice job!

Von said...

Thank you for the update and photos - I so enjoy virtually traveling with you. Please put Scotland on the list next as I've always wanted to go! 😃😂💖

Mark from Missouri said...

To bad about the truck damage but glad no one was hurt. Good to be flexible and have time to get it repaired.

Linda DeVoe-Wilde said...

Ouch! I'm glad no one was injured. A lady hit the back of our car a couple of years ago when she was backing out of a parking space. She almost took the rear bumper off our car. We had it fixed here in Yuma at the Chevy dealer. They did a nice job.