Monday, May 1, 2017

Home Sweet Home

Hooray! We are home. But first, the rest of the story.

After leaving Delaware, we spent a week at Gettysburg Battlefield Resort in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It rained six out of the seven days we were there. We did do the driving tour of the battlefield on the non-rainy day, but it was still cloudy and dreary. Here are a few pictures.

 The Confederate side of the battlefield

 Confederate artillery position

 The Eisenhower Farm NHS

 Looking across the battlefield towards the Union position of Little Round Top and Big Round Top

 Can you imagine charging across a field towards that?

 Monument to the Union Signal Corps on Big Round Top

 The only sign I saw about Massachusetts troops in the battle

There were a lot of monuments and statues throughout the battlefield

The size of the battlefield is impressive. In this one three-day battle over 51,000 Americans lost their lives. Robert E. Lee, the commanding General of the Army of Northern Virginia, once said, "It is well that war is so terrible – otherwise we would grow too fond of it."

After leaving Gettysburg, we started our rapid dash for home. Our first stop was Wright's Farm. We love the Harvest Hosts program which allows us to stay free on their property over night. It sure beats staying at a truck stop or a Walmart. Here are some pictures of where we stayed on Wright's Farm in Gardiner, New York.

 Our trailer beside the cherry orchard

 A cherry tree in bloom

Looking at our trailer from the apple orchard

The view of the cherry orchard out the door of the trailer

Despite the rain, this was a pleasant, quiet place to dry camp for the night.

From there we went to Bishop's Farm Market and Winery in Guilford, Connecticut. They had a most interesting bubbly raspberry wine. Did I mention how much I like stopping at wineries?

Then it was off to North Conway, New Hampshire, where we visited with our friends Donna and Gregg Goldberg.

That was our last stop. Wow, what a trip. Yippee, we are home. Oh no! We had no electricity when I plugged in the power!

Many of you may not know that I am an electrician by trade. The problem was easy to locate and easy to make a temporary repair. We now have electricity, but I need to fix it before the next time we camp off the grid. The person who installed the solar system used a poor choice of a wire-nut to connect stranded and solid wires. When I fix the problem, you know it will be done right.  

Now the map.  The loop is closed!

Thanks for dropping by. Leave us a comment so that we know you visited. Kay loves it when you do.

Next blog or two will be lessons learned and highlights of what we loved as well as things we should change and things that went just right. It was a terrific seven months!


Beth Bishop said...

I knew you were traveling cuz Angie told me but arrived at your blog just now. Maybe I can catch up on your adventure.

Mark from Missouri said...

Welcome home guys. Wow, I can't believe how fast that 7 months went! Was awesome following along on your blog. Looking forward to your lessons learned post.

Karen and I already went through a list of Civil War "top ten" battlefields and Gettysburg is obviously on the list. You know Missouri was the third most fought over state during the war, in terms of battlefields. Our Battle of Westport in Kansas City was called the Gettysburg of the West. It was a turning point for the Union, having finally defeated the Confederate Army that came from southern Missouri, Arkansas and other states. Most of the counties in the Kansas City area were cleared out of Confederates and their property was backfilled by pro-Union families (google - Order #11). While the southern portion of the state remained somewhat protected by the Confederate Army where families were able to stay. The Missouri Army reportedly never surrendered, moving down to Texas but were unable to raise enough troops to attack again after Lee's surrender. Thousands of Missourians moved to Texas. Just a short history lesson, sorry. It's just that it all started here in the late 1850's and the Kansas-Nebraska Act issues. So, assuming we are in town and not traveling on our own, if you come back to KC I'll take you around to a few of our sites.

Hope you get settled in soon and get back to your old stomping grounds and church.

Be safe,


Emma Hagan said...

Glad to hear you guys are home safe and sound. How many miles did you travel on your seventh month trip? I bet it was a lot. Take care. Love Kim

Kay and Russ Wallace said...

We had a terrific trip. It was mostly about visiting with friends and relatives, or making new friends. We did do a little sightseeing and there are lots of pictures.

Kay and Russ Wallace said...

We will probably take a more northern route west in the Fall, but will probably come through KC in the Spring. I would love a tour of the Civil War sites.

Kay and Russ Wallace said...

We traveled over 25,000 miles.