Sunday, April 9, 2017

There is Always Something that Needs to be Fixed

Owning an RV is like owning a sticks and brick home because there is always something that needs to be fixed. We moved two days ago and I checked the tires and added a little bit of air to two of them. I usually check the air pressure and lug nuts on the trailer before I tow it. Today, I forgot to do that, but when we stopped for lunch, I did a walk around the trailer. It was then that I noticed that three of my tires had developed small cracks in the sidewalls. It is Sunday, and no tire stores are open. I was still 88 miles from my destination. I decided to push on. I drove at a slower speed and stayed in the right lane and passed no one. We made it without blowing a tire. Monday, I will call around and hopefully find some tires in stock. We are stuck here until I can replace all four tires.

How I wish that was the only problem. Last night, I was unable to lock the door with the deadbolt. Today, because it was on my "honey do" list, I looked at the problem. The pin on the piano hinge was sliding out, so I tapped it back into place. It did not fix the problem. The tolerance on the strike plate was such that the small amount of sag that occurred caused the dead bolt to hit the strike plate. When I get home, I will find a friend with a vice so that I can modify the strike plate so that it accepts the deadbolt. For now, the strike plate is removed and the deadbolt works fine.

I have lots of things to take care of when we get home. The trailer needs to be washed and waxed. The generator needs to be run and checked. The slide-outs need to be lubricated again, as well as the rubber gaskets on the slide-outs. One scissor-jack needs to be replaced and the others lubricated again.

When we are constantly moving, routine maintenance is a problem. Fortunately, we stay in one location long enough to work on things when we are in New England or the desert Southwest. We are both looking forward to arriving home in fewer than three weeks--19 days, but who's counting.

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Von said...

Troubles will follow no matter the destination or mechanics ... what's awesome is how you are always directed to check and care for them in perfect measure. Most of all, you've been cared for and protected through it all. The tires will be attended in perfect order and your homecoming will be so joyous soon! God is good. ❤️ My prayers continue. Hugs to you both!

Carol Ranshaw said...

Bet you won't have any trouble finding friend with a vice, although they may not be willing to admit it.

Kay and Russ Wallace said...

😀 Then I guess I'll be in a bind.

Michael and Daryl White said...

Wow! Lucky you noticed those tires. We had a similar situation Tennessee in November when we noticed that one tire had suddenly got scrubbed bare. Replaced all 4 with Carlyles. So far they have been awesome 10,000 miles and counting.

Barbara Hennessey said...

Still following your journey. It's great how you just deal with whatever comes up & not let it get in the way of your wonderful adventure!