Monday, January 28, 2019

The Saga Continues

We made it into Yuma. Our mail finally caught up with us. Thank you Teri. We were stuck in Yuma Lakes. Not a bad place to be stuck. The temporary tag expired on the trailer and I had to fly back to New Hampshire to apply for a New Hampshire title and registration for our trailer.

While we were in Yuma we decided to buy an awning sunscreen, which we have not needed to use yet, so you don't get a picture of that. However, at the same location was a sign company that made decals. We decided to have a decal made.

While in Yuma I worked hard at getting the trailer set up so that everything was stored nicely. This is all the storage that there was in the garage.

I thought that I would take it down and relocate it. First, it had no left side because it was built against the wall. Secondly, it disintegrated when I tried to remove it from the wall. So I bought 3 cabinets to replace it.

This was the start of the changes that we made to make the garage an extension of our living space. The TV doubles as a monitor for the computer. 

The artist is in residence. Pictures have been added to the walls. A two drawer nightstand has been added against the sidewall. The printer fits nicely on it.

Racks for linen have been installed above the bed. Easily removable when everything needs to be raised  to accommodate a toy. Bench seat is open on the left, and the right side is made up for Jake's bed.

The desert is in bloom here in Mexico. I took this picture on one of our rides.

I also took this picture of a lily while on one of the rides in the Sonoran desert.

Up on a high plateau.

Down in a canyon.

Out in the desert. A lot of desert verbena in bloom. 

Stopped for a break.

At the grocery store buying two to three weeks of groceries for six needy families. The members of the RV park in El Golfo support a weekly outreach program that feeds six needy families every week. We are blessed to be part of this program.

One of our stops. Besides the food we take several buckets of shoes and clothing. There is always a box of toys as well for the kids. You would think it was Christmas from the big smiles on the kids faces after they choose a toy. It is so heart warming to be a part of this wonderful program.

Across the street from one of our stops was this fellow making repairs to his home. He was nailing up scraps of wood to close up the gap between the roof and the walls. The wind must have torn the fabric back that was covering his roof and the gap. He will have to pull his roof cover back in place when he is done. There is always work to be done around the house when you own a home. Let's be thankful for the things that we have.

Sunset in El Golfo.

Sunrise reflecting off the side of the trailer.

Gorgeous sunrise in El Golfo.

Everyday of the week there are activities in the clubhouse. These two pictures are from Sunday afternoon when we get together and play cards. It is such a blast. 

Until next time. Adios, desde Mexico mis amigos.

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