Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hold the Presses

We were supposed to leave yesterday.

Destination Unknown is the name of the blog. Scrap the itinerary we posted in our last post. Everything has changed. Kay's daughter has bought a trailer and has moved onto the site next to ours. Kay's son then bought a trailer and also moved in, two sites from us. How could we possibly leave early? We are now staying until after Columbus Day! The route will stay as close to what we originally planned. Hopefully, only the dates will change. We will play it by ear.

Our first stop will be a visit to my Vietnam buddy, Walter in New York. Then we are headed to Ohio to meet Debbie Obrock and her husband. After that we will end up in Colorado, visiting my son and his wife. We have several other relatives, some on my side and some on Kay's side and some FB friends we have never met also in Colorado. We are going to visit all of them. What a wonderful trip this will be.

Next week I will work on our itinerary and get it posted as soon as it is complete.


k wallace said...

To be a member of my family, "flexibility" must meet your middle name!

Barbara Hennessey said...

Looking forward to posts once you get underway!

Kay and Russ Wallace said...

Thanks Barb. We are leaving soon.